Expedition Details

Traveling to Argentina in December 2017 to climb the highest point in both the Western and Southern hemispheres at 22,838ft. Aconcagua is one of the Seven Summits and surrounded by glaciers and dangerous crevasses. The 4-strong team will take several weeks attempting to climb and summit the False Polish Glacier.

The team is comprised of individuals with different skill levels. There is a large element of jeopardy to this endeavour as none of the team will ever have attempted it before and only so much can be prepared for in advance.

Content Opportunities

We're seeking a single brand to sponsor this expedition. In return, you'll receive a fully branded microsite with an exclusive daily journal to share with your own audience. All content will be captured during the expedition and edited upon our safe return. You'll also be provided with video footage and a selection of high-quality images.

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