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The highest mountain peak in North America and 20,310ft above sea level. The team will attempt to summit the West buttress route which is wrought with risks. The team will be flown in a lightweight plane to the drop-off point, then will begin the climb over many days, covering and pulling sleds the 9 miles to 11,000ft. Our snowshoes will be stashed at camp 11,000 and we will then repack bags to make them lighter and make camp.

As part of the acclimatisation process we will climb to 17,000ft over a period of days, climbing a maximum of 1,000ft per day. Part of the acclimatisation process dictates that you climb high and then return and sleep lower to give your body a chance to get used to the altitude. The day before attempting the summit, we will climb to 17,000ft - returning to the altitude we'd reached the previous day and we'll camp at this height for one night. We'll sleep for a few hours, eat a hot meal and attempt to summit.

Content Opportunities

We're seeking a single brand to sponsor this expedition. In return, you'll receive a fully branded microsite with an exclusive daily journal to share with your own audience. All content will be captured during the expedition and edited upon our safe return. You'll also be provided with video footage and a selection of high-quality images.

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We're able to work around your requirements, so do let us know if you've had a few ideas of your own about the type of exclusive content that could work for your brand.

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